As this was the second year of the festival, there were already brand guidelines set in place that I had to keep in mind when designing. However, there were certain liberties I was able to take, as you will see below.
The client required posters to be made for their headlining artists & speakers, in addition to Facebook & Eventbrite banners. 


Additionally, videos were made for the client's Instagram with the intention of being used as advertisements for the event. One video was created for each headlining artist, in addition to the video shown, which is an amalgamation of all three videos. I followed the outline of the videos from the previous year of the festival, however I also added an opener & closer, as well as transitions. 
I created an animated .gif for the first day of the festival. The illustrations accompanying the design are meant to represent the "self-care" nature of the event. Using a .gif format also allowed me to lay out the information in a minimalistic way, which appeals to the calming "wellness" portion of the event, while also creating an extra layer of interest to the design, which was created for Instagram. 
For this event, an animated video was created to be spread across the client and speaker's social media channels. The speaker's photograph was adorned with illustrated overlays to create extra visual appeal. The information was laid out in text bubbles, with handwritten type to emphasize the conversation & accessibility elements. And finally, the sounds of a text message being sent were added to symbolize the inviting nature of the event. 
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